Pressure Vessels Manufacturing

Pressure Vessels Manufacturing

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Since 1998, Seta Çelik has been sought as a pressure vessel manufacturer because it constantly exceeds our customers' needs and expectations. We produce pressure vessels designed to store and / or transport gases and liquids at high pressures and high temperatures. Pressure vessels must be designed and manufactured in strict accordance with ASME national board and PED / CE international safety rules and regulations. We are proud to manufacture a pressure vessel that designs, manufactures and tests all applicable safety standards. When working with Seta Çelik to produce the pressure vessels you need, you can be sure that we provide ASME pressure vessels that follow the required code protocol when designing and manufacturing your pressure tank or pressure vessel. Our capabilities include the complete ASME engineering design for both the ASME code and the production of non-code pressure vessels and tanks. We manufacture our ASME pressure vessels in stainless steel and other high alloy materials such as 200 and 300 series SS, 2205 & 2207 Duplex SS, aluminum, nickel, Hastelloy alloys and carbon steels. Each of our pressure vessels is manufactured, welded and tested following ASME guidelines and protocols. All material test certificates (MTR) and ASME forms are available in every pressure vessel we produce. ASME Part VIII and TÜV: Welding to ASME part 9 Secondary surface finishing includes: Sandblasting and Paint Polished and Electro-polished Hydrostatic Testing - Vacuum Leakage Testing Sled Manufacturing and Installation Codeware - ASME code calculation software Seta Çelik pressure vessel manufacturing of engineers and project managers its staff is ready to assist you at all project stages, including forecasting, initial engineering, layout design, manufacturing requirements and posttest. Contact us today for more information.

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