Thermal Power Plant Equipments

Thermal Power Plant Equipments

As SETA STEEL; not only manufacturing all thermal power plant equipment and machinery, which we offer to the leading stakeholders of the sector but also assembly and after-sales services and various maintenance, repair and revision services. We offer you our valued customers, with our understanding of superior quality and our expert team.

  • Bunker and Silo,
  • Steel Chimney,
  • All Structural Steels within the scope of the plant,
  • Various Tanks,
  • Apron Feeder (Chain Conveyors),
  • Belt Conveyor,
  • Cooling and Heating Pipelines,
  • Coal Feeder Slide Gates,
  • Industrial Landfill Water Recycling Lines,
  • Air and Gas Lines various Pipelines,
  • Ash and Dust Collection and Transport Systems,
  • De-SOx and De-NOx Flue Gas Treatment System,
  • Damper and Spill Shots,
  • Coal Sampling Systems,
  • Spirals.


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