Specified Design Equipments

Specified Design Equipments

SETA STEEL core strength comes from our international certificates and the fact that we have engineers with applied training in these fields. Our project design and implementation team which are accumulated experience in process, engineering and equipment design and system procurement.

  • Apron Feeder,
  • Chimney Gases Treatment Systems (DeSOx,DeNOx),
  • Bunker and Silo,
  • Spirals,
  • Damper and Spill Shots,
  • Crushing, Screening and Conveyor Systems,
  • Ash and Dust Collection and Transport Systems,
  • Coal and Mining Sampling Systems,
  • Varioıus Exchangers,
  • Cooling Line, Gas Line, Air Line, Hot Oil Line Piping.

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Work comes first at SETA, which has an awareness of its team, from business partners.

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533 Accident Free Work Hours
1522 Successful Project Delivery
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