Penstock Water Control Products

Penstock Water Control Products

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Seta Çelik has been one of the leading manufacturers to supply solution oriented penstock and sluice gate products since 1998. We have industrial knowledge, skills and experience to manufacture world-class water flow control products to meet your strength, flexibility and application requirements. We use the most stringent production processes to provide standard and custom water control product solutions. Our product range consists of: Stainless Steel Penstock.

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Quality is a feature that we always try to overcome in our projects. The Seta Çelik team consists of certified welders, manufacturers and quality inspectors. Our production processes are carefully monitored to comply with global quality standards. Our processes comply with the following regulations: ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code, VIII (non-fired pressure vessels) ASME Chapter VIII ASME Chapter 9 and AWS D1.1 and D1.6 (source) Certified ASME pressure vessel supplier, all ASME design and engineering capabilities can benefit from manufacturing, welding and inspection processes of penstock welded pipe sections. We also use the Coordinate Measuring Device (CMM) for quality checks. This allows us to offer testing services such as 3D reviews, tool certificates, CAD comparison, and size analysis. Seta Çelik offers quality water control products to meet industrial and global quality requirements.

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