Penstock and Accessories

Penstock and Accessories

In dam and irrigation structures, penstocks, branches, reduction, elbow and pipe structures of all diameters, transitions and their supports, expansion joints, disassembly parts and manholes of all diameters belonging to transmission and energy channels, diversion and bottom spillway structures, are specially designed for your domestic and international projects. SETA STEEL do manufacturing and on-site turnkey assembly and all installation, maintenance, repair and revision works.

  • Penstocks,
  • Bifurcation,
  • Bifurcation Hydrostatic Tests,
  • Reduction and Transition,
  • Elbow and Pipe Structures,
  • Slide and Fixed Supports,
  • Assembly and Disassembly of Expansion Joints,
  • Penstock&Turbine Entrance Connection Flanged Pipes,
  • Manholes.


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